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 First-Generation Chisme works to create projects throughout the school year to help all students with access to resources for post-secondary education and creative arts.

Who created this project?


I am currently a Mexican-American college student studying at Rhode Island School Design (RISD) majoring in Architecture with two minors in Nature Studies and Art History.  

I am a BIPOC, first-generation, low-income student from an immigrant household and I have made this resource for students with similar disadvantages. The college system is not built for BIPOC students, especially Black and Brown lives. I hope First-Generation Chisme can be a helpful guide for students that feel pressures and stresses from being the first one in their family to navigate the college experience. I believe in the importance of intergenerational work within First-Gen College Chisme as it helps brings multiple generations to the same table in order to understand different perspectives and help each other successfully move forward.

Please share this resource with anyone who you might think it could help! This site is also translated into Spanish, so feel free to share it with any of your Spanish speaking family members!


Leslie Ponce-Díaz

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