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First-Gen Chisme Podcast

Episode 1: Alejandra's First-Gen Journey

(in English)


In this episode, we are joined with Alejandra Gonzalez who is currently a first-generation college student studying at Kansas State University alongside Sofia Leal, our First-Gen Chisme Co-host. Get to know more about Alejandra's college journey as a First-Gen Latina student in a predominantly white institution. 

What is something that you wish someone would have told me or help you out during high school/starting your college journey?

 "...It's okay to not be sure I know it's like really cliche, but, I mean, no I guess I would say that it's gonna be okay dude like I feel like the decision that you make regardless of what it is I think it's gonna be okay I feel like a lot of times people are like, Am I making the right decision, am I doing the right thing. But one thing that I've learned is you can't predict everything especially with a pandemic that just happened I think that's one of the things I really learned. Even though like you know I have career goals I have personal goals you know financial goals all those type of goals, they could change very dramatically, especially when they're in the long term. So as a high school student, you know you have four years ahead of you even though you're 100% sure that you want to be an engineer [or any other profession]..."

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