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College Student 

Los Chismes

  • People are constantly asking you where you are going for college, what you got on your ACT/SAT, how many college classes have you been taking, scholarships you have been applying for, etc. ​​​​​

​Unfortunately, this is inevitable. People during this time of your life will always be interested in what your plans are for your future. If you feel comfortable speaking on behalf of your vision plan, then by all means you can. However, remember that it is no one’s business but your own! You get to decide what you want to share and what you don't feel comfortable sharing. This is your own journey and you get to decide what you want to do with it!


  • Going to a 2nd year community college is a waste of time and not as significant as going to a 4 year university. 

This is not true. Going to a 2nd year community college is a great option. Not only is it more financially feasible, but it provides students a great opportunity to experiment with classes that they are interested in taking. In 2 year universities, it can be quite challenging to experiment with classes because of how expensive they can be. Going to 2nd year community college is also a great way to pay a lower price for general classes that both 2nd year and 4th year college students have to take. 


  • If you attend a college with a lower acceptance rate than it is not worth your time.

This is not true. Going to any college/university regardless of an acceptance rate is great! It is a privilege that we get to even study at a college/university. If you are not happy with your college choice, please remember that it is important to stay open-minded as it can open doors that you never knew were possible.  

  • After you graduate you must immediately attend college. 

This is not true. It is okay to take a gap year to rethink your priorities and passions. A lot of students that we have met who have taken a gap year say it was one of the best decisions they made because it helped guide them to what they see themselves doing in college. We have been in school for many years and graduating high school is a big accomplishment! It is up to you if you believe that a break is needed from school after your senior year.

  • Taking a gap year semester off is bad.

This is not true, the most important thing is your mental health. If taking a semester or a year off is what you believe you need then please consider it. Taking time off can not only improve your mental health but with a healthy mind you are able to succeed at your fullest potential. Taking a leave of absence is sometimes necessary, especially when college can be so emotionally and physically exhausting for BIPOC students. Take your own time to heal and seek help!

  • It is cool to experiment with out of major classes.

Yes!! A lot of universities require students to have out of major courses that are a great opportunity to search around other areas of interest. It is important to take other classes that do not necessarily follow your own major because you never know, it might help you open a door you never expected to open! Be open to experimenting in a couple of out of major courses, we understand this can be quite expensive but it is worth it!

  • Majors set your future

This is not always the case, there is a large misconception that what you major in college will be what you will do for the rest of your life. According to Next Gen Personal Finance, approximately 27 percent of college students end up working in the field of their major. Taking out of major classes, campus involvement, minors, etc can be great ways to be versatile and may lead to opportunities in the future.

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