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High School

Let's Get Real

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  • It time to become realistic with your college choices. It is okay if you did not get into your dream school or if you can not go because of a specific circumstance. Remember: “It is not about where you start but where you end”. 


  • You have to start asking yourself what is the best option for you and how it will lead you to other potential opportunities in the future. Try not to make your college choices based on the colleges your friends, significant other, etc. decide to attend. It can be challenging to say goodbye to long term friendships but there comes a time in your life when you have to make choices that are helpful for YOU! 


  • PUT IN THAT WORK, SIS!!! It’s important to recognize that it will take time and hard work to apply to colleges and make sure that you complete the best opportunities available for you to be able to attend college with better ease in the future. All the hard work will completely pay off! 


  • Not everyone will get the National Scholarships that highlight the success stories of BIPOC students who go to college completely free on a full-ride scholarship. This is, however, a possibility, but not everyone can get it and that’s ok. I know personally, I was really saddened to hear that I did not receive Quest Bridge but these National Scholarships are not the only option for you to attend college with scholarships. There are so many other ways to get your school paid for, yes it is a struggle but it is not impossible. 


  • Senior year of high school is a time when there will be a lot of people showing off their opportunities and accomplishments! People are just really proud of themselves and want to be celebrated! This is okay, do not let it distract you from your own path! You just need to remember that you need to stay focused. Do not compare your journey to your peers, you will also be getting your own opportunities and you will also be celebrated for it! 

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