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First-Gen Architecture student 

How do you co-exist in the Architecture world as a First-Gen student? 


When I am in Architecture studio, I do not just think about its design elements for the consumer but I also think about the construction workers and roofers working all day and night to help produce the project. I am a First-Gen college student currently studying Architecture at Rhode Island School of Design.


On my first day of Architecture school, we were asked as a class to talk about our own connections to the field and why we decided to pursue Architecture. I felt lost as my peers talked about their own connections as many have came from generations of Architects and professional careers. As a First-Gen Latina from a working-class family, I struggled to find my place within the table. I still struggle with that sometimes if I am being honest. 

My dad's work truck is an essential symbol within my upbringing. It started off as a way too loud and crashed work van. It then has transformed into a white truck that is always dirty from the wet Kansas grounds and filled with material in the back ready to get dropped off for the next construction project. He also carries this really tall and long ladder that he uses to get on top on roofs. Do not get me started on the inside... you simply cannot sit down without sitting on a rusty nail or having trash fall out once you open the door. I used to be embarrassed by this when I was younger or when I would get picked up from my all white female soccer club practice but I now understand that it defines my family and I. 

I hope that this project allows more First-Gen students to feel represented within  pursue Architecture 


I sit as a daughter of immigrants who have had an informal education but in my eyes practice Architecture everyday without the fancy degree.

defention of architecture: 


+picture of dad on the roof/drawing, roof drawings, etc 

I come from a generation of hard-working Mexicans. My entire family has pursued construction with a main focus on roofing. I always see my family on top of roofs and constructing houses. For me, this was just another days of work, another opportunity to put food on the table. However, as I continue my studies at RISD, I now see that my own family has been doing Architectural Design for generations. My family's willingness to work hard and give their children a better future has allowed me to pursue my own studies and interest within the field. 

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